Auth0 Enterprise SAML migration

Hey, I need to migrate Auth0 Enterprise (SAML) to Stytch but the methods seems really different.
Auth0 will encrypt (with RSA-SHA256) the SAML connection & signature and send it as parameters in the sign in URL, whereas Stytch responds with the connection object. Is there a way to migrate this feature with the same behavior? Am I missing some documentation?

Thank you in advance

Hey Eugenia – thanks so much for posting!

Once you’ve set up a SAML Connection through Stytch, all you’ll need to do in order to initiate the SSO flow is send your user to the Start SSO Login Flow URL. The user will then be automatically redirected to their IdP, and once they successfully authenticate, they’ll be redirected back to your application with a token that you’ll pass into the Authenticate SSO Login endpoint to complete the flow. I believe this is relatively similar to Auth0’s SSO flow.

In terms of actually setting up a SAML Connection, I’d recommend checking out our SSO setup guide, which includes setup steps for several different IdPs.

I’d also recommend checking out our other SSO integration guides for additional information, based on which type of Stytch integration you’re planning to use:

If you have additional questions about how Stytch’s SSO product works or how it might fit into your application, please let me know! Always happy to help.