How to add email and name to an existing customer registered through OTP flow?

Hello Community,
I am currently trying to integrate Stytch to one of my expo application projects. I have successfully integrated the OTP process. I am able to receive OTPs and verify them through my Expo React Native app. I have setup my backend using Node.js

The question I have is now, Once the user is registered I would like to ask users for their email address and full name and information such like that. How can I update those information in an existing phone no user?

Hey Darshan – thanks for posting!

In order to update a user’s full name, you’ll want to call our React Native Update user method while the user has an active session. Alternatively, you could call our Update user endpoint from the backend at any point, including the user’s user_id in your request.

In order to add an email address to an existing Stytch user, you’ll need to call one of our send methods (for example, Send OTP via email) while the user has an active session. Upon successful authentication, the new email address will be added to the existing user. We require this process to guard against an account takeover vulnerability.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this, and I’ll be happy to follow up!