How to disassociate secondary email from user?

I created a user with an email (Email A). I then added a second email to the same user (Email B). I then deleted the user entirely.

Now, every time I try to create a new user with Email A, if a user with Email B exists, Email A is added as a second email to the pre-existing user, instead of a new user being created.

I have tried using the Backend API to remove the second email from the user, but the above problem keeps happening anyway, even if I remove it first.

It seems as if despite me deleting the user from my project, Stytch is remembering information about them when I create a new one using the same email. This is all happening in my test environment, where I am wanting to create and delete users and have Stytch not remember anything, because I am just figuring things out.

Is there any way I can get more information on this subject?
Is there a way to still create two separate users using Email A and Email B?

Hey Talon – thanks for posting!

Which Stytch product(s) are you using when seeing this behavior? I believe the behavior may vary by product, so I’d just like to make sure I’m giving you accurate information for your specific product combination.

Thanks in advance for the additional information!

Thank you for the response.

I am using Magic Links and Password, and the nextjs sdk.

I had to step away from this project for some time. It seems that in that time the issue has been resolved. I recreated the scenario that was happening to me and am not getting the same results.

Hey Talon – got it, thanks for following up! I don’t believe I’d expect to see that behavior for our Magic Links or Passwords products. If you do happen to run across that again, please let me know (a Stytch request_id or user_id would be great), and I’ll be happy to look into it! :slight_smile: