Name object when creating & updating users in Python


I am trying to create new users with names (in Python).
The documentation says that a name object must be passed, without further details: Authentication API reference - create user | Stytch

The documentation on updating a user suggests I can utilise a pre-built Stytch object from stytch.core.models; however this package folder does not exist in version 7.8.0.

I tried passing a Python dict to match the expected response value:

auth is the Stytch Client object

email = ‘’
name_object = {‘name’: {‘first_name’: first_name, ‘middle_name’:
middle_name, ‘last_name’: last_name}}
response = auth.users.create(email=email, name=name_object)

But I always get the error:
\stytch\consumer\api\", line 74, in create
data[“name”] = name.dict()
AttributeError: ‘str’ object has no attribute ‘dict’