SMS Passcodes not getting send on numbers with country code +91

I am not able to receive SMS passcodes on mobile numbers with country code +91 (India)
This happens on both endpoints below:

Although I am getting a 200 OK response but the passcodes never arrive. Sample response:

    "phone_id": "phone-number-live-fbb99b2e-1006-4370-9942-5b29494cb6fa",
    "request_id": "request-id-live-c16ac9a2-6a05-47fd-967a-54d557cc5651",
    "status_code": 200,
    "user_id": "user-live-7c9f3744-6baa-4cd7-b794-68aa322c9d9e"

Hi Romil,

Thanks for posting!

Due to an incident that occurred yesterday with our primary SMS provider, we recently switched over to our secondary SMS provider. This secondary SMS provider seems to be having issues with sending SMS messages to some +91 phone numbers at the moment.

Our oncall team is actively investigating this to find the best possible path forward to get +91 phone numbers unblocked, and we’ll keep you posted in this thread. We apologize for the impact this is causing.

Quick update here - our team has made some changes on our end and we’re now seeing successful SMS messages sent to +91 phone numbers.

We’re continuing to monitor things on our end, but definitely let us know if you’re still seeing widespread issues with SMS messages for +91 phone numbers!

thanks @matt-stytch
I am able to receive messages on +91 numbers. we’ll report here if we see any issues.

hi @matt-stytch our customer is not able to receive sms passcode.
Could you check why would that be? I am still getting 200 OK on the send endpoint. Other numbers are working fine. I’ll add here if I see any issue with another number. Please let me know ASAP

Hey Romil,

Looking at the logs on our end and from our messaging provider, it looks like the past several SMS messages were marked as Delivered to the number you provided. If this particular user isn’t receiving these text messages, it’s likely unrelated to the widespread initial issue mentioned in this thread, and likely specific to this phone number or device.

We don’t have much visibility into device-specific issues since they generally occur downstream, but we do have some general troubleshooting steps for SMS deliverability issues:

  • Confirm that the user’s mobile device is powered on and within cell coverage.
  • Confirm that the user can receive SMS or WhatsApp messages from other numbers.
  • Confirm that the user is on their home carrier network. Our messaging providers cannot always guarantee message delivery to devices roaming internationally or off-network.
  • Confirm that the phone numbers used to send Stytch messages are not marked as blocked on the user’s device.

I’ll also note that if this is an end user’s number, would you mind editing your previous message to redact this phone number/PII? Thanks!