Can you add more than one product to a Stytch user?

Is it possible to add more than one Stytch product to a user? We’d like users to log in with either Email Magic Links or Email OTP based on their preference, but then switch back and forth between the two products in the future.

Is this possible and if so, how do we implement it? Is there any difference in MAU pricing if we add more than one product to a user?

Hey Allison – thanks for posting!

It’s absolutely possible for Stytch users to log in via more than one Stytch product. We’ll actually handle this for you automatically – if a user first signs up via Email Magic Links and then you call our Email OTP endpoints for the same email address (or vice versa), the existing Stytch user will automatically be associated with the request, and you won’t need to handle any user de-duplication on your end.

There’s no additional cost for adding new products to an existing Stytch user. I’d be happy to help with any follow-up questions you have about this!

Oh got it that’s great, thanks!