Debugging Log In Failures (Magic Link)

One of our users is having issues logging into our product. Basically, they get stuck on the authentication redirect page, after clicking on the magic link sent to their email address. We’re using the stytch NextJs package in the front-end.

Does Stytch capture any logs automatically on failed authentication requests? We’re having a hard time duplicating the bug on our end and are trying to find a way to dig into our user’s problem.

Hey Sahil – thanks for posting!

We do capture logs internally that we may be able to use to help diagnose this issue. We’re also currently in the process of adding user logs to the Stytch Dashboard, which will hopefully allow you to do the same in the future!

Would you be able to send over this user’s Stytch user_id and a timestamp (or Stytch request_id) corresponding to one of their failed authentication attempts? If you don’t have their user_id on hand, you can look it up by email address via the User management tab in the Stytch Dashboard.

With that information, we’ll take a look on our end to see if we’re able to spot the issue. Thanks!

I experienced this same problem logging into this forum! My sign in attempt “expired” but refreshing the homepage of the forum showed I was indeed signed in.

Hey Ari – I believe that may be a different issue, specific to our Forum – but I appreciate the report! I was able to reproduce that behavior and I’ve flagged it for our engineering team to take a look at. I believe that it’s an issue with how we’ve integrated with the forum software that we use, rather than a problem with the Stytch Email Magic Links product.

Thanks again for letting us know!

Hi Nicole, we are able to follow up with user and diagnose the problem as a user error (using old magic link email). But, I really appreciate you offering to get in the weeds and check the logs on Stytch’s end. Thank you for all your help!

Hey Sahil – great, so glad to hear that! Always my pleasure. Please feel free to post again at any time if something else comes up in the future.