Does Stytch support OIDC IdP provider?

I am looking for an identity platform which can be used as OIDC IdP provider. I have read some doc but it only says Stytch can integrate with other IdP provider like google, github, Microsoft etc. I wonder if Stytch itself supports OIDC provider.

My goal is to allow customers signup via Stytch and I can configure the OIDC issuer information on AWS Appsync to authenticate JWT from clients’ requests.

Hey Joey,

Thanks for posting!

We just responded to your post in our community Slack as well, but I’ll paste that response here as well for posterity (feel free to follow up in either channel):

Stytch doesn’t currently act as an IdP – instead, we act as an SP (Service Provider) in the SSO flow, where we allow users to log into your application using their own IdPs (like Okta or Google Workspace, for example).

Would you mind sharing some additional details about your use case for OIDC? I’d be happy to add a +1 to our internal tracker for this feature request!