OpenID Connect Discovery endpoint

Hi, are there any plans to introduce .well-known/openid-configuration endpoint for OpenID Connect configuration discovery? It’s much easier to integrate and switch from a provider to provider with it.

Hey Jakub,

Thanks for posting!

Our Update OIDC Connection endpoint retrieves the OIDC Provider metadata via their .well-known/openid-configuration URL and updates the OIDC Connection with the relevant data - you’ll just need to provide the issuer to do so.

If the metadata document is retrieved successfully, then the values returned will propagate onto the ODIC Connection object and can be retrieved at any time via the Get SSO Connections endpoint!

Does this address what you’re looking for?

Hi Matt, thanks for the reply.

I’m afraid that does not answer my question. As far as I understand, what you described is how one can configure an external provider using their OIDC discovery endpoint for Stytch to communicate with the external provider.

What I’m asking about is Stytch’s own OIDC discovery endpoint, containing Stytch’s issuer, key data etc. to be able to use it when connection directly from an application to Stytch (instead of using Stytch’s own API). In this context, Stytch would be an OIDC provider.

And specifically for my case, I’m not asking for b2b, but consumer authentication.

Hey Jakub! Stytch is a Service Provider that allows your application’s users to authenticate via their own Identity/ OIDC providers, but Stytch is not an Identity Provider or an OIDC provider itself. We bridge the gap between your application and your users’ Identity Providers so that you don’t need to worry about building out the entire SSO flow yourself.

I hope that helps clear things up! Happy to help with any additional questions you have about this.