Error trying to register biometrics - React Native Example App

Hello Stytch team!

I tried the demo react native App and I’m getting the following error when I try to register with Biometric:

[StytchSDKNativeError: [401] endpoint_not_authorized_for_sdk The project owner has not authorized the SDK to call this endpoint. Please enable it in the dashboard to continue: See for more information. request_id: request-id-test-55c6512d-13a5-4978-9802-0a757c831a1d

I enabled SDK for this endpoint, added the bundle ID to the SDK, enabled manage user data, and also enabled biometric.
How can I fix this? Any idea?

Thank you in advance!


Hey Joaquin,

Thanks so much for reaching out!

It looks like you also reached out in our Community Slack channel - I’ve just responded there, so I’ll go ahead and close out this thread on our end to centralize comms in Slack!

Stytch Support