Only one webauthn check at registration


I’m trying to create a webauthn sign up / sign in flow.
No problem to create with stytch API, but I encounter a small issue with the UX.

When the user sign up, it need to register, then to authenticate to get the session_jwt as return of the webauthn/authenticate endpoint. It mean that the user need to do 2 signatures.

Is there any way to send back the session_jwt after the register endpoint ? It would need only 1 signature, and improve the onboarding flow.

Best regards

Hey Maxime – thanks for posting!

I definitely see the UX concern there, and I’ve raised this internally as a feature request. Out of transparency, I’m not sure that our team will be able to work on this in the near term, but it’s definitely on our radar and I’ll update this post in the future if/ when we’re able to implement this.

Thanks again for the great idea! Always happy to help with any additional questions you may have.