Add more than one webauthn_registration


I’m trying the webauthn API, and I’m trying to connect to the same user with 2 devices in webauthn.

But each time I try to add the other device via the webauthn/register endpoint, the previous webauthn_registration is replaced by the new one.

Since the attribute in the user informations is webauthn_registrations, I was expecting to be able to add more than 1 device for the webauthn authentication.

Is what I ask possible with your api ?

Best Regards

Hey Maxime,

Thanks for posting!

You should be able to add up to 25 webauthn registrations per domain per user. Would you mind sending over a user_id or request_id for an instance where creating two distinct webauthn registrations overwrote the first? We’d like to take a look at the logs on our end!

Hey Maxime,

Quick update from our end here. There was an issue over the last few days that resulted in some webauthn registrations being erroneously deleted.

We have rolled out a fix for the underlying issue and taken measures to ensure this failure case doesn’t happen again, and you should be able to add multiple webauthn registrations now. Would you mind trying again and letting us know whether you run into any issues?

Hello Matt,

Just tried again, and it works perfectly !
Thank you for your reactivity !

Hey Maxime - awesome, thanks for confirming that everything is working as expected now!