How do I revoke test user sessions?

I am working on a nextjs app with trpc and prisma. I created a few users via OTP email login. Then, at some point I needed to reset my database. Now I am getting no user found errors because the sessions associated with the test users are apparently still active. I went to the dashboard and see three test users there but no way to revoke their sessions. So, how can I revoke sessions for test users? Thx!

Thanks, delete the user via the dashboard worked and was what I was looking for originally. However, that feature was well hidden - it was not obvious at all that user records were clickable. All I saw initially were a bunch of copy icons on hover. You might want to make that more clear.

Hey Anders,

Awesome, glad to hear that worked!

We appreciate the feedback on the User Management section of the Dashboard, and we’ve passed that along to our team for consideration - thanks for flagging.

Let us know if any other questions come up while you’re building!