iOS App Store Submission

Hi Stytch,

We are submitting our app to the Apple App Store for review and you are required to add a user name and password so that they can sign in to our app but we are only using email magic links for authentication. What is the best way around this obstacle? Thank you!

Hey Liam – thanks for posting!

Instead of providing a username and password in Apple’s app review form, you’ll want to include notes about how the reviewer can log in via Email Magic Links. Typically, the reviewer will be able to use their own email address to log into your application.

If the reviewer refuses to use their own email address for whatever reason, the easiest solution may be to create a dummy email address that the reviewer can use to log into a test account in your application. To do this, you’d bypass Stytch authentication logic entirely when a user enters the dummy email address, allowing the user to access logged-in content for the test account.

This may become more complicated if you’re also using our Sessions product and have multiple pages in your application that are gated by Stytch sessions. If that’s the case, an alternative solution would be to create a dummy email address as above, but to then generate an embeddable magic link token via a backend Stytch integration when a user enters the dummy email address. You could then send the user to the page in your application where you normally authenticate the magic link token and use the generated token instead, which would initiate a Stytch session.

If you’re interested in this last solution, we’d be happy to enable your Stytch workspace for our Embeddable Magic Links product – just send us a quick email at requesting access, and we’ll get you set up right away.

Happy to help with any additional questions that you may have about this as well!