Testing Magic links from within app

In the docs for the sandbox testing values it says:

They will not work when used with a frontend or mobile Stytch SDK.

We are using the @stytch/react-native package within our expo application, so the token value doesn’t work for us.

Is there a recommended way to create/use a token for the test login process that we’re running with detox (our e2e testing)?

Hey Justen – thanks for posting!

For frontend integrations, we generally recommend looking into something like Mailosaur to set up an inbox where you can programmatically read emails and retrieve the redirect URL (which includes the Magic Link token) to use during your testing flows.

Two of our engineers actually just gave a presentation about how to use Cypress + Mailosaur to create E2E testing flows for passwordless auth methods that you may find helpful! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5heL1qZQZc

The section about Email Magic Links starts at 2:17.

Happy to help with any additional questions you have about this!