M2M Client Object Limits per project

If I understand correctly, the M2M Client objects are for Client Credential Flow auth. What is the default limit for the number of M2M Client objects I can create in a given project? And if I need more, what is the pricing?

Hey Holt – thanks for posting!

I just followed up on your message in our Community Slack, so we can continue communicating there. For anyone else looking on, here’s a summary:

We’re still in the process of rolling out some final changes and pricing page updates, but here’s what will be included in each tier very soon:

  • For our Starter tier, you’ll receive 1,000 free M2M tokens per month, with unlimited M2M clients. Any tokens minted over the 1,000 limit will be billed at $0.005/token.
  • For our other tiers (Pro in Consumer and B2B, and Scale in B2B), you’ll receive 5,000 free M2M tokens per month with unlimited M2M clients as well. Any tokens minted over the 5,000 limit will similarly be billed at $0.005/token.
  • If your anticipated token usage is well above these limits, you might be a good fit for the Enterprise tier, which has custom pricing depending on your anticipated usage.

These changes are not yet in effect quite yet, but we plan to roll them out by the end of this quarter.

Happy to answer any questions about this!