No "Open in Gmail/Outlook/Yahoo" iconts

The StytchUI renders “Open in …” links. The issue is these links look bad, and also reference the “zeroth” authenticated user which is a confusing flow since many people have 2-3 gmail authentications at a time. I want to remove them but I don’t know how. I read the SDK and played with modifying the DOM by hand. The library doesn’t appear to be open source so it’s hard to fork. Any help is welcome

Screenshot from 2023-04-15 09-55-24

Heya Jake,

Thanks for reaching out!

In our pre-built UI components there isn’t an official option to remove the email inbox links. But there are two options to remove them.

The first is the path you’ve already pursued, manually hiding them. I wouldn’t recommend this path long term, the DOM could change on a new SDK version, so they may reappear unexpectedly.

The better solution would be to use our JavaScript SDK’s headless methods, i.e. not the pre-built components, and build out the UI yourself. With the headless components you can use our SDK to power the login actions, but completely own the UI and flow.

Hope that gives you some options, but let us know if you have any follow up questions!

Stytch Developer Relations