Not working for Redirect URLs like -

Trying to get it work but the forgot-password is not working for redirect url - Echoedge | Authenticate

Hey Ayush,

Thanks so much for posting!

Looking at the logs for your Stytch Project, it looks this issue may have been resolved since posting.

For posterity, it looks like you were passing in as the redirect URL for these /passwords/email/reset/start requests, which has since been added as a redirect URL in your Stytch Dashboard. Previously (at the time of these failed requests), URLs with an additional path appended (e.g. https://test14/ ) were set as valid redirect URLs, but not the base URL that was included in the /passwords/email/reset/start request parameters, which resulted in the no_match_for_provided_magic_link_url errors returned here.

Again, it looks like you’ve resolved this based on our logs, but please let us know if you have any additional questions about this or if you’re still running into any issues!