resetByExistingPassword does not exist in stytchClient.passwords.

How can I do this?

Hey Victor – thanks for posting!

Which Stytch SDK and which version of the SDK are you using? I’d be happy to look into this.

I’m using “@stytch/nextjs”: “^1.2.0” and “@stytch/vanilla-js”: “^0.9.3” respectively.

Sorry about that – it looks like the resetByExistingPassword method never made it into one of our JS SDK interfaces. I’ve just raised this with our engineering team, and I’ll let you know as soon as we roll out an updated SDK version with appropriate support for this method.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Thank you very much.

Please remember to update me as soon as its done.

Waiting on it…



Hey Victor – definitely will do!

Stytch Support

Looks like resetBySession is missing too?

Hey Eric – thanks for posting! That’s correct. We currently support resetByEmailStart / resetByEmail, but not resetByExistingPassword or resetBySession.

I’ll follow up here once both of those methods have been added!

Hi guys, so I got an error while trying to authenticate.

The authorization header sent is not valid. Please contact for help. May I ask how to resolve this?

By the way, when one has more than one redirect url for let’s say “sign-up” in a case I have localhost and a dev environment running, how can I set which of the urls should go to the other?

And how does the dashboard know which of the urls to use even when a default is not set?

Hey Victor and Eric – we’ve added support for resetByExistingPassword and resetBySession methods in the most recent JavaScript SDK release (@stytch/vanilla-js 0.9.5). Please try upgrading, and let me know if you run into any trouble!

Victor – I’m going to follow up regarding your other questions directly via email, just to keep this post focused on the original topic. You’ll receive an email from us shortly.


My apologies, but I just checked, and it hasn’t been updated when I call stytchClient.passwords..

I am calling const stytchClient = useStytch(); and importing as below:

import { useStytch } from "@stytch/nextjs”;



Hey Victor – have you updated your Stytch packages to the latest versions? If not, please try updating to @stytch/nextjs v2.0.0 and @stytch/vanilla-js v10.0.0 (see our note here before updating). Those methods should be present on our latest package versions.