Problem instantiating new stychAPIclient

Hello there,

My team is trying to validate a magic link token in Go. We’re have the token from the email but when trying to create stytchAPIClient, we get the error below.

Error paste
fetch JWKS from URL: failed to extract response via extractor function: invalid HTTP status code: 400

We’re pretty sure we’ve entered the correct public tokens and secrets from our project dashboard.

So we’re looking for any leads to how we can address this. Thanks!


Thanks so much for posting!

Which version of our Go SDK are you currently using?

There was an issue in a recent Go SDK version that resulted in the error you flagged for B2B Stytch clients specifically - this issue was resolved with the release of 11.1.2. If you’re on a version prior, would you mind bumping the SDK version to 11.2.0 or later (the most recent being 11.3.1)?

Let us know if you’re still seeing this error after upgrading and we’ll be happy to investigate this further!