Search users does not match on emails containing the plus character

Stytch allows users to be created with a + in the email, such as These users are treated separately from their counterparts without a +, like

The search users backend endpoint, however, is not matching on any user with a + in the email using either an email_address or email_address_fuzzy filter. Is this intentionally inconsistent behavior?

Hey Andrew - thanks for posting!

Would you mind sharing an example request body for a User Search request that you’d expect to return an email with a + modifier, but isn’t? Feel free to swap out the email addresses with those example ones.

Looking into our User Search endpoint behavior with + modifiers on my end, I’m noticing the following:

  • Searching on the email_address operand using an email with a + modifier,, does return the user
  • Searching on the email_address_fuzzy operand with the email address (and no domain), frank+testing or frank, also returns the user
  • Searching on either email_address or email_address_fuzzy with does not return the user

Let me know whether this matches the behavior you’re seeing (or expecting) and we’ll investigate further!

Stytch Support

Hey Matt,

I was building the query with the Go SDK like so:

searchResponse, errSearch := client.Users.Search(ctx, &stytch.UsersSearchParams{
		Query: &stytch.UsersSearchQuery{
			Operator: stytch.UserSearchOperatorAND,
			Operands: []json.Marshaler{
				stytch.UsersSearchQueryEmailAddressFilter{EmailAddresses: []string{

I’m not sure what has changed since yesterday, but the query is now working as expected.

Thanks for your response.

Hey Andrew,

No problem - I’m glad to hear everything is working as expected now! If you run into that behavior again please let us know and we’ll take another look!

Stytch Support