[2023.02.27] Event logs in the Dashboard

Event logs in the Dashboard

We added event logs to the Dashboard. Event logs are a collection of data points that contain useful information about Stytch auth flow activity. Use the event logs to search for and investigate the details of any Stytch API call.

Log in to your Dashboard to get started or check out the Docs for more details.

Search with filters

Perform real-time search over the last thirty days worth of data. Using text search, you can find specific events by typing in actions like “PasswordsAuthenticate” or keywords for responses like “success” or “404”. You can also use filters and search for exact request_id’s, user_id’s, statuses, or date ranges. Event logs are available for every Stytch Project and for both the Test and Live environments.

Custom Passwords strength policy

We now offer more flexible ways to keep your password-based users safe. You can now choose between zxcvbn or customized Lowercase Uppercase Digits Symbols (LUDS) for password validation and HaveIBeenPwned for breach protection.

Check out our Docs for the full details on each option that you can choose and how to set them.

B2B developer resources

We’ve just released our first B2B example app! Check out how it works under the hood in our GitHub and see it live in action at stytchb2bdemo.app.

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