Ability to change the text in Stytch email templates

I see that I can customize many aspects of the Stytch email templates, such as font, logo, button color, etc. – but it looks like I can’t change the email text. There’s some really specific wording that we’d like to add in there for certain sections of our user base, so it would be nice if we could customize the email text as well.

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Hey Lilo – thanks for posting this!

We’re actually working on a project right now that will allow you to fully customize Stytch email HTML, including email text. You’ll be able to create multiple different email templates that you can send to different sections of your user base.

We don’t have an official ETA for when that will be released, but stay tuned here for updates!

Hey Lilo – good news, we’ve released our custom email HTML feature!

This feature requires a low monthly contractual minimum. If you’re interested, please let us know via the “Request” button next to “Upgrades” on the Email tab in the Stytch Dashboard.