Disable login without password

Hey Stytch team!

Is there a way to remove the login without password button from the reset password email template? I couldn’t find anything in the docs or in the Email Customization from the dashboard.


Hey Gabriel – thanks for posting!

We don’t currently offer a way to remove the “Log in without password” button, but this is something that we’ve heard in the past and I’ll raise your request internally. As context for our team, would you be willing to share why you’re interested in removing it?

I’ll note that we do offer a premium feature (requires a contractual monthly minimum) that enables full HTML customization of all Stytch emails, which would allow you to remove the button from your templates. If this is something that you’re interested in, please let me know and I can connect you to the right person (or feel free to reach out directly here, whatever you prefer)!