Authorization product

Does stytch plan to implement an authorization product, aka zanzibar (spicedb, ory keto, etc) or similar? This is the missing piece for us that would be awesome to have instead of having to find a separate solution or build it in house.

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Hey Robert – thanks for posting!

We do plan to build an authorization product (likely later this year, though that isn’t yet set in stone). I’m personally really excited for us to incorporate out-of-the-box authorization functionality into our products.

In the meantime (you may have already seen this, but for others looking on), Cerbos made a great guide demonstrating how to integrate their authorization product with Stytch.

Some customers have also leveraged our User metadata functionality along with the session_custom_claims object on Stytch sessions in order to store and access their own user role data. I’d be happy to provide some additional information about that, if you’re interested!

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