Terraform provider or infrastructure as code

Seems there is no Terraform provider?
What should be the approach here?

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Hi Pierig,

Thanks so much for posting!

We don’t currently offer a Terraform provider for managing Stytch configuration settings, but we do have an existing feature request for this which I’ll add a +1 to on your behalf! This is definitely something we’re planning to tackle at some point, but don’t have a solid ETA to pass along at the moment.

In the meantime, you can manage Stytch Project configuration from your Stytch Dashboard directly (https://stytch.com/dashboard).

That said, definitely let us know if there’s any additional context on your use case for Terraform that you’d like us to pass along to our Product team, or if you have any other questions about this!

Infrastructure as code is very important to me. This feels like a pretty big oversight to be honest. Manually configuring things through a GUI is not a repeatable process. If you describe your configuration through code, misconfiguration is impossible.
The amount of manual configurations required in my apps because Stytch doesn’t have a means of IaC is pretty bad.
I have to management a large amount of environment variables coming out of a stytch project, and it’s a completely manual process, copying and pasting values out of the GUI.
We need to be able to create a project through API, configure it’s oauth through API, get several values back through API (JWKS, Tokens, secrets, project_ids, issuers) to pass back to other components.
Our use of stytch make us manage a bunch of env vars manually and its a pain, and leads to mistakes when building out new environments and new apps.

Is there an API for all of this that I haven’t found?